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You’re not just pulling my leg?  (Thursday 2:20pm) Yes, my name is Castiel. When you dial this number do you dial the area code as well? Lucky guess.  (Friday 3:15pm) It wasn’t luck. Get an Invitation Site Navigation Fandoms All Fandoms Anime & Manga Books & Literature Cartoons & Comics & Graphic Novels Celebrities & Real People Movies Music & Bands Other Media Theater http://cmptp.com/call-cannot/call-cannot-be-completed-as-dialed-0106.html

I apologize for over-familiarizing myself with you.  (Friday 3:39pm)My mom used to tell me that angels would watch over me.(Friday 3:39pm)There. Why would I pull your leg? Here's what you gotta do: Go to a grocery store. Your review has been posted. http://archiveofourown.org/works/811746

Save Help . However, accidents don’t just happen accidentally, and sometimes two completely different people are exactly what the other needs.You’re all awesome for sticking with the story for this long. :)CHAPTER 17AO3 LinkFF.net You're not just pulling my leg?(Thursday 2:20pm)Yes, my name is Castiel. You have just spent a very large amount of time talking to someone who accidentally texted you.

Do you find my sense of humor amusing in some way? Chapter 1314. Chapter 1516. Chapter 10 11.

Or are you two not that friendly?  (Friday 4:47pm)Dude. Go have fun hugging trees and eating berries. (Thursday 4:30pm)Castiel? (Thursday 5:04pm)Jerk.   Friday 26th January  (Friday 2:23pm)Can I call you Cas?  (Friday 2:35pm) Dean?  (Friday 2:37pm)Hello hermit.  (Friday 2:40pm) Hello Dean. Well, I'm a mechanic. If you bring me salad, I will put your head on a spike and hand-deliver it to Becky.(Thursday 10:45)Who is Becky?

I simply prefer to state the obvious. You seem pretty cool. Chapter 12 13. You?(Friday 5:01pm)Just finishing up my Doctorate.(Friday 5:02pm)Holy crap.

Chapter 13 14. Sounds lonely. Chapter 19 Next > The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Based on the fact that you were drinking, I am going to assume that you are over the legal age of 21, however you are inexperienced enough that your drinking resulted

Is there something I can help you with?  (Friday 2:42pm)Yup. have a peek at these guys However, accidents don’t just happen accidentally, and sometimes two completely different people are exactly what the other needs. marshmallows cas marshmallows no thats popcorn bee queen queen of bees O.O look its the face you made when you were high 135 notesLoading...Show more notesReblog Your Call Cannot Be Completed It has officially been a year since the posting of the latest chapter and in case anyone was still wondering, there won’t be another.

Chapter 910. This is the best distraction I’ve had since I ran out of beer.  (Thursday 1:30pm) You consider me to be a good form of entertainment? Especially if you allowed him to drive hungover.(Friday 5:55pm)He's fine. check over here We’re almost done writing, and I’m actually crying.

Search multiple tags, exclude specific types of fic ("-#tag").Tips on using the search engine here. | A Guide to Destielfanfic || FAQ || Mission Statement || Can't find the FOLLOW button? Chapter 1516. Had human interaction?(Friday 4:20pm)You were the first person I texted.

Chapter 89.

My brother is known for being a pompous douche when he texts.(Thursday 11:29am)You assumed that I was your brother because I texted you with the same mannerisms as "a pompous douche"? Don't you have someone that you enjoy talking to, your brother perhaps? Thank you… ArnettH_VZW Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions Go to original post Related ContentLoading Actions More Like This Retrieving data ... Sam would probably have a conniption if he ever saw how awful you are with technology.  (Friday 5:34pm) How old is Sam?   (Friday 5:36pm)Almost 18.

Therefore you would be 22 years old.(Friday 3:19pm)Dear Lord. That was extremely presumptuous of you.  (Thursday 11:31am)Wow. I can't help but wonder why.  (Friday 4:39pm)Hey, if you’re not okay with it, I’ll stop. this content Do you get “out much”?  (Friday 3:48pm) Yes, actually.

I do not know very many people.(Friday 5:33pm)Up to you. I do not dislike any Emmas, I simply do not know any.(Friday 3:37pm)Why am I telling you this? Are you able to make or receive any phone calls? I can take a hint.

Chapter 23. I’m a professional. Everyone does.(Thursday 12:49pm)Are you serious right now, or is it my hangover?(Thursday 12:52pm)Are hangovers actually that bad?(Thursday 1:02pm)Ok, how old are you? I was just pointing out that you should choose your words more carefully when sending someone a text message.  (Thursday 11:42am)Whatever dude.

Re: Call cannot be completed as dialed mchollett Oct 4, 2014 9:22 AM (in response to Verizon Wireless Customer Support) The 440-XXX-XXXX can receive calls and callers do not hear the Chapter 15 16. Don't be a girl about something as simple as buying a new phone.(Thursday 10:33am)You know that I am a male. Interesting.  (Thursday 3:20pm) As much as I am enjoying defending my lack of social skills, I’m afraid this conversation must come to an end.

Chapter 12. But you should realize that you keep replying to a random guy who you accidentally texted.(Friday 4:45pm)I am fully aware of my actions. Dialing 1-440-XXX-XXXX or 440-XXX-XXXX gives me the three tones and then "We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed. hesanangelwithashotgun FollowUnfollow your call cannot be completed as dialed 18 notesLoading...Show more notesReblog SponsoredAbout Tumblr ads© Tumblr, Inc.HelpAboutAppsDevelopersThemesJobsLegalTermsCopyrightPrivacyEnglishDeutschFrançaisItaliano日本語TürkçeEspañolPусскийPolskiPortuguês (PT)Português (BR)Nederlands한국어简体中文繁體中文 (台灣)繁體中文 (香港)Bahasa Indonesia New topicreceived call from #, "call cannot be

Does that count?  (Thursday 2:34pm)I, honest-to-God, CANNOT tell if you are a hermit, or if you have the strangest sense of humor ever.  (Thursday 2:45pm) It’s funnier in Enochian.