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howWhat does it mean when you call a phone and it says sorry this phone has ben disconnected changed or out of sevice when you know it is working?Phone rings once the number you have called has been disconnected, changed or is no longer in service"?Meaning of your call cannot be completed at this timeWhen you call someone and it says the Bundled Media Service Discussion AT&T U-verse / Bundles Verizon FIOS / Bundles Qwest Bundles Comcast XFINITY / Bundles COX Bundles Time Warner Bundles Media Bundles From All Other Providers Canadian Bundled i get the phone number and time stamp, but no message. weblink

i did try to call him with differents number and the same happens, or he his aboard? There is always a tower in the store. Yes | No CommentReplyReportThis answer closely relates to:Sprint phone voice machine your call can not be conpleted at this timeTrying to reach somebodys cell phone and it says 8uc1 ur call Leading TodayPtsHelpful1.akki786a122998%2.suraj101g60098%3.Marjhone 40063%4.lanz0840066%5.crazybrum400100%6.macsam14320098%7.phac00320067%8.raxaul5200100%9.noimulhas200100%10.emmanul k20087%11.ninaz_bab200100%12.Aeshma20076%13.Purna cha20089%14.jdms1520064%15.xtian080920060%Leading this WeekPtsHelpful1.akki786a123398%2.macsam143120098%3.akosiars100086%4.sam_5cute100074%5.SWATINITI80098%6.nikhil.pa80092%7.mikemanga80076%8.nazenborg80082%9.suraj101g80098%10.jai8760068%11.Janvi123460097%12.chrisjwil60097%13.ait260084%14.Marjhone 60063%15.Arbi2k60083%16.zaheer78640099%17.karthi.ka400100%18.%u1031%u1400100%19.Khalel40076%20.suvam yad400100%Leading this MonthPtsHelpful1.Arbi2k720083%2.macsam143520098%3.SWATINITI440098%4.mikemanga380076%5.Pochie200360068%6.suraj101g320098%7.akosiars300286%8.Janvi1234273597%9.haize1021260073%10.Khalel240076%11.sam_5cute240074%12.nikhil.pa200092%13.heiresska200072%14.shadowgho180083%15.ait2180084%16.SlimingCh140074%17.akki786a138198%18.kfa13120272%19.radagast120077%20.8053712341200100%21.daniellep120062%22.joyfulsou120097%23.ekha mo1200100%24.jjangkwon120069%25.mmiammitc120092%