What about fiber and constipation?

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One of the main benefits of increasing fiber intake is reduced constipation. Fiber is believed to help absorb water, increase the bulk of stool and speed up the movement of stool through the intestine. However, the evidence is fairly conflicting .

Some studies show that increasing fiber can improve symptoms of constipation. But other studies show that removing fiber improves constipation. The effects depend on the type of fiber UFABET

In one study in 63 individuals with chronic constipation, going on a low fiber diet fixed their problem. The individuals who remained on a high diet saw no improvement .

In general, that increases the water content of your stool has a laxative effect. While that adds to the dry mass of stool without increasing its water content may have a constipating effect.

Soluble fibers that form a gel in the digestive tract and are not fermented by gut bacteria are often effective. A good example of a gel-forming is psyllium .

Other types , such as sorbitol have a laxative effect by drawing water into the colon. Prunes are a good source of sorbitol .

Choosing the right type may help your constipation. But taking the wrong supplements can do the opposite.

For this reason, you should consult a healthcare professional before taking supplements for constipation.