4 simple football analysis techniques

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football analysis techniques requires a lot of experience If this technique is lacking You can tell that your guess is going to be wrong. and for beginners Believe that you can’t choose to bet on the ball accurately. Because you still lack the techniques that you should have. Today we will teach you 4 simple football analysis techniques. that newbies can do Not too hard to understand, works 100% สมัคร UFABET

1. play at home

Playing at home is considered a huge advantage. we will see each other many times Although it is a team that plays weaker Or is there a name that can’t compete? have inferior potential But when they play at home The gameplay is completely different. We will see tremendous aggression, power and strength. They won’t stop running. because of the cheers from the fans who believe in their own team When there is encouragement, it makes playing much better. So choosing a team to play at home is part of the advantage.

2. table standings

We can look at the scoreboard to analyze the game. Sometimes the scores of some teams may need to be won to win the cup. Or will escape death from the group at the end of the table that makes these teams fight great and open more games than usual It is therefore no surprise that sometimes these teams easily defeat their opponents. That was because it was an important match that he had to win. Paying attention to the scoreboard can also help you use it as a football betting technique.

3. Statistics of the last 3 matches

important things to see And what is indispensable is the matter of statistics for at least the last 3 games because we will know that their performance in the past three games, winning 3 games in a row, has very little chance of losing in the 4th game, such as a team that Losing 3 Games The chances of him losing the 4th game is also very high. So it’s easy to see the form of play. But it works very well.

4. Shot or shot percentage

Techniques for viewing the percentage of shooting or shooting. We will use it if we have to play high or low. Because it helps a lot that you can’t imagine, like Juventus, they are a team that has conceded very few goals. And when they face a team with a low goal conceding rate as well Therefore, there is a chance that this game will score less.