5 boxing betting formulas Play accordingly, the chances of winning are high

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For those who start betting on boxing, may not know yet. Most boxing masters can bet on boxing as a career. How do they have a formula for betting on boxing? How to increase your chances of winning?

Formula to bet on boxing to get money

1. Practice to see the price fluently.

It is very important to learn about the odds. You should learn about the odds and the current price flow before choosing to bet. because the odds in this format, if you look at it, you will know the tendency that ‘Which side is gaining’ or ‘Which side is losing’? 

In which each period will have different price flows. Especially the price that fluctuates or the next side has a better price. Conversely, if the price drops during the fight, it can be seen that the other side is having a better advantage.

2. Observe the symptoms of boxers.

observation example

  • In the case of starting round 1: The price in the red corner is 5-1, indicating that the other side has a very high chance of winning. 
  • In the case of the end of round 1: but if it is in the case of the end of the round The price pushes to the blue side 5-3 or 4-3, notice immediately that the situation of the blue corner is starting to return to more favorable events. Therefore, before choosing to place a bet, let us learn to observe the situation that has changed to be the first.
  • Next round start: But when the next round starts If the side that we stab has a chance of being knocked over Let’s speed up revenge during price movements or warning signs that will help turn the game around.

Therefore, during the game, observe the symptoms of the fighters so that there will be a chance to revenge in time. By choosing to stab the garden in the opposite direction immediately when there is an alarm

3. Study boxers

Boxing betting formula number 3: study boxers

Beginning to study the information of the two boxers who will fight. Including details of each boxing ring to be analyzed to know the statistics in the fight and the tactics in the fight because some boxers focus on defense (Beat to get points), while some people focus on attacking without paying attention to defense. Knock forward alone Each boxing style has its pros and cons. You will have to take those statistics into consideration to see the possibilities.

Another key rule is to see if the boxer has lost weight to compete. Because statistically, most of the boxers who lose weight abruptly to compete in a particular bout

“The punching power will decrease. There will be more chances of losing.”

In principle, to study these things mainly.

  • looking at the boxer’s body
  • techniques for fighting or self-defense
  • agility in punching issuing precision weapons 
  • Boxing experience
  • What are the boxing stats? 

If you know these statistics then what? This will help you almost accurately determine. and play confidently

4. Choose to bet a variety manage to be

That we bring all the money to bet on any one pair. It’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. The chances of us losing all those eggs are high. 

Therefore, dividing the money that is distributed to bet on many pairs, many forms, will help you reduce the risk of playing quite a lot, because from point 3, if you have studied, analyzed and considered that pair of fights These studies have reduced the risk by about 30%. 

If adding to the diversification of those risks, bet on many pairs, the risk will be reduced further. Make your chances of winning higher there.

5. Understand between normal boxing betting vs step boxing betting

We can almost compare boxing betting to football betting. Therefore, betting on normal boxing, cabinet boxing, or step boxing betting will not be the same. There are ways to think, how to use formulas. so different understanding If it is a step bet, what you should understand correctly that Should play differently. สมัคร UFABET

If it is a boxing bet, there are some points that you should be aware of as follows.

  • If the boxer is knocked down, that bill will be considered dead.
  • If that boxing match results in a tie, that bill is dead.
  • In the case of a match where the corners are switched and the boxer’s name is still used as the same person in the decision It will be regarded as a normal losing effect. But if the wrong name is given, it will be considered cancelled. That is, it has no effect on thinking, but in other couples it will be considered the same thinking.
  • But if the opening price is more than 20% or the price is compared to the market price, it will be considered canceled and not taken into account.