Carragher taunts 3 Man Utd legends after Ronaldo slams club

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Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has tweet a tweet taunting the Premier League rivals Manchester United’s trio. After Cristiano Ronaldo was quoted as saying in an interview. Negative to the club and the manager, according to the Liverpool Echo.

The 37-year-old striker was interviewed on the show by famous British host Piers Morgan. He opened up that he felt like he was betraye by the Red Devils and did not want to respect Dutch coach Erik ten Hag anymore. It also includes references to Wayne Rooney and Ralph Rangnick, the former coach. These issues have become widely criticized throughout the past day.

Carragher, who heard the news, posted a message on his Twitter account criticizing Ronaldo’s past actions and Miwai’s sniffing at the legendary trio Rio Ferdi. Nand, Roy Keane and Patrice Evra took the side of the veteran striker. The UFABET report

The ex-Reds star first tweeted: “Ronaldo ‘I don’t respect the manager’ Ronaldo under ETH: Declared he wanted to leave, refused to come on as substitute, walked away. Reserve seats and disappear before the game is over.”

“99% of United fans will be on the side of ETH, which shows how badly Ronaldo has dealt with this.”

He then retweeted the above quote, adding, “1% more would be Rio, Roy (Kean) and Patrice…”