‘Onana’ raises ‘Maguire’ as a model for dealing with criticism

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Andre Onana has praised Harry Maguire’s handling of criticism for helping him cope. With a difficult start to his Manchester United career

. Guire lost the armband to Bruno Fernandes after a poor run of form and has been criticized by fans. And pundits recently.

England national team defender Almost had to leave the team last summer. But he confirmed that he wanted to continue in order to prove himself until he was able to return to show impressive form again.

As for Onana, who moved to join the team, he encountered the same karma after Forgotten to be in good form during his first spell at United and starting to return to form after the new year.

The exorcist revealed to Gary Neville on The http://ufabet999.app that he was inspired by Maguire to overcome his recent misfortunes.

“I have Harry. Maguire in the dressing room When we look back at what he had to go through. What he must face It is very horrifying.”

“He is Big Brother. He showed his character a lot. Now he’s back in the team and he’s one of the best players we have.

“It’s very important to have an example like him to learn from. Because he went through a very difficult time. Now he’s back and we can all move on.”