Grading Chelsea players in the Premier League game

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Grading Chelsea players in the Premier League game, a thrilling match to overthrow Brighton 3-2 : Player Ratings

• Leading by 2 goals in no time. But Chelsea were not able to beat Brighton easily
• With 10 men remaining and the visiting team’s last-ditch effort making Chelsea sweat hard to win
• And this This is the ability score of Chelsea’s players in this game. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Chelsea player ratings

Robert Sanchez – 6 – Slightly lost in the 27th minute when he caught the ball back after a mistake. It’s good that the ball isn’t strong. and turned around to play in time Then conceded a goal from Brighton’s first goal on target, and despite some beautiful saves at the end of the game, they still didn’t concede two goals from corner kicks.

Levi Colville – 7 – scored a powerful header in the 21st minute. That was cleared out. But Goalline Technology sued Colville for sending the ball over the line. As for the overall picture, there may be some shaking. But it is in good condition. And the 90+9 penalty penalty was more of a fluke by the referee before VAR helped.

Thiago Silva – 6 – Although not severely tested in the first half with Evan Ferguson somewhat recovered from the game. But when we entered the decisive period, we faced continuous hard work. and had staggered quite a bit of money

Benoit Badiachil – 7 – Showed himself useful in attack once again. By flicking the ball back into the corner for Enzo Fernandez to head in the lead goal. While in the defensive game it was consider to be playing strong. It is not consider a mistake even if you lose 2 goals.

Axel Disasi – 6 – was stretche out to play at right-back. When Reece James was suspend, clearly trying to focus on defense rather than adding height like. When James was on the field, equal to attacking on the right side. Chelsea game. This is quite lost.

Moises Caicedo – 6 – Another one who got to play against his old team. and strictly maintain their own management position It is the first level that Brighton’s offensive game must constantly face in trying to penetrate the middle. But got yellow early in the second half. That makes you have to play slowly. throughout the rest

Enzo Fernandez – 8

Started the game well with a header from a corner to make it 1-0 in the first 18 minutes, then tried to play with discipline in midfield. Until the opportunity opened to score a penalty at the beginning of the second half. Which he succeeded without fail, scoring 2 goals in one game. First time since moving here

Raheem Sterling – 6 – Was involved in a lot of the game early on. And they seemed to play with enthusiasm and good energy, clearly creating problems for the away team’s defense. But after that it was quiet, especially when Brighton turned to dominate the game.

Connor Gallagher – 4 – wears the captain’s armband and try to rush around and connect the game both offensively and defensively. But too much diligence was the cause of getting 2 yellows, Especially in the first half of injury time for inserting into Billy Gilmour until he was sent off and his friends had to play at the disadvantage of the players throughout the second half.

Mikailo Mudric – 7 – Quiet first half. A little different from his offensive line friends. With a chance to turn the ball over nicely in the 39th minute, he looked into the front of the penalty area. But the ball missed the post. However, the second half created an important turning point. A penalty was call in the 64th minute which again brought the score to 3-1.

Nicholas Jackson – 5 – Got a lot of the ball early on. But almost every time I lose it. No matter if you missed a payment or had your ball cut off. Then it was surprising that Mauricio Pochettino didn’t choose to remove him so early. When Jackson’s play didn’t create any benefit Can’t keep the ball in the front zone.