Brighton stubbornness clearly created problems for Chelsea

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Brighton stubbornness clearly created problems for Chelsea

Not perfect, but still lucky.

However, the score quickly changed to 2-1 in the 27th minute. When the ball was return to Robert Sanchez, which almost became a sporting spectacle. When the Spanish goalkeeper “caught the ball” until the ball rolled past him.

Luckily enough, the ball didn’t come too hard. Allowing Sanchez to turn and control the ball before it crossed the line.

If not, if Brighton comes back quickly. It is uncertain how the first half will end.

Not to mention how the game will end. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

But it’s really a waste.

However, before the first half ended to the feeling of “soothing comfort” for Singha fans. Brighton actually made it 1-2 in the 44th minute from Levi Colville ‘s close contact on Facundo Buananot. Tae finished, the latter tilted his foot forward and spun into the post just far enough away.

Brighton cracked the eggs with their first shot on target.

And most importantly, when entering injury time before the end of the first half, Chelsea had to be down to 10 men. Connor Gallagher dived in to interrupt the game, Billy Gilmour, until he received a second yellow card, which was a red card for the team captain. Leo

From a comfortable 2-0 it became 2-1 and were down to 10 men throughout the second half.

Shaking but still surviving

Brighton attacked in a “folded field” style, from the time Connor Gallagher was sent off until the beginning of the second half, more than 10 minutes.

However, a penalty in the 65th minute, when Mikailo Mudrik was taken down, made it 3-1 to Chelsea thanks to Enzo Fernandez ‘s double.

Only Brighton didn’t give up after the 3-1 goal. The game became Brighton’s again, forcing the game to put pressure on until Robert Sanchez was busy until it was 2-3 until he scored from a corner kick . Pedro heads in 90+2.

2-3 and 10 minutes of injury time remaining. Let’s continue to hope, like Chelsea had to play with 9 people for a while. After backup spearman Armando Broya suffered a nosebleed and had to temporarily leave the field.